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Will and I seem to be like minded, although we have never formally met (which should be remedied soon!). And no, we did not plan these posts, but I am glad my interests compliment the current conversation.

I recently read a collection of articles (Geek Chic: Smart Women in Popular Culture), edited by Sherrie A. Inness, for a current issues in mass media course. Inness examines articles that vary in depth and content, and the book covers topics as vast as cartoon characters and political figures. The effect of the entire collection is the over arching theme of the constructed image, and how images serve as a powerful source of myth. Myth is an important aspect in the construction of intelligent women because, Inness contests, it is myth that supports and reinforces ideals we, as consumers, may know to be false. One of the strongest examples Inness explores is that of the “dumb blonde.” Those reinforcements then create an undeniable reality that affects how topics of women and intelligence continue to be treated in mass media, and in daily life. So by perpetuating myths through constructed images in pop culture and mass media we are in turn allowing them to become a reality.

The idea of myth is fascinating in the context of this project. I believe that myth is one of the reasons why gender is so difficult to discuss; it is hard to distinguish whether or not our opinions about gender norms are rooted in our own realities or in deeply ingrained myth.

If you’d like to take a look at Geek Chic it’s available at Davis (ISBN HQ1421.G43), but don’t rush there today…I’ve still got it checked out.

Thanks for being a part of this dialogue.


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