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UNITY Conference 2009 is almost here!

UNITY 2009 – Sweet T: Transgressing, Transforming and Transcending Gender and Sexuality in the South.

Friday, April 3 – Sunday, April 5.

The Southeastern Regional Unity Conference is an annual gathering of progressive lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer identified people and their allies in the Southeast. It was founded to create dialogues about the intersections of gender and sexuality with ability, age, class, faith, health, and race/ethnicity, to explore strategies for effective grassroots organizing, and to share work that we and other LGBTIQ activists are doing in the Southeast.

Check out the UNITY Conference website to find out more about performances, workshops, parties and more!  Registration is free for UNC students, but donations are appreciated.

Workshop themes/questions this year include:

Transactions: How do we create safe and healthy relationships?
You’re Not a Lesbian!: Challenges and Joys for Partners of Transmen
Gender Fucking and Fucking: A Radical Exploration of Identity and Practice
A Transgender Journey: Being a Lover or an Ally to Folks in Transition
Between the Sheets: Tips for a Healthy Sex Life
Defending Marriage

Transfigurations: Can we, should we define ourselves?
Utilizing a Queer Identity to Escape the Gender Binary
Bi One, Get One Free!: Sexual Labels in a Postmodern World
Transgender Spirituality: Historic Categories, Contemporary Understandings
Sweet or Unsweet?  Gay or Straight?  Do you have to decide?
Drag: The Possibilities of Gender Queering in Performance

Transgressions: What can we do as LGBTIQ and allied activists?
Better Advocacy with the Advo.Kit
Creating Change in your Community
Bridging the Gap:  Making Health Services Inclusive of Diverse Gender Identities and Expressions
To a T: An Interactive Theatre Scene on Heterosexism and Gender at Carolina
Performance for Social Change

Transformations: How do we build safe, powerful, inclusive communities?
Difference, Unity, & Struggle: Building Queer Community & Power
Transforming the Workplace: Being ‘Out’ in your Career
Beyond the Clubs and .Coms: Creating Inclusive Communities for Gay/Bisexual Men
Trans Surgery Show and Tell

Transparency: What’s the state of our movement?
Gay in the Media: A Critical Look at How Far We Have(n’t) Come
Mapping Our Rights: An Interactive Advocacy Tool for Legal Change
Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House: Challenging the Ex-Gay Movement
The State of Equality in North Carolina: Policy, Education, Action
TransPraxis: An Academic Exploration of the Queer Moment

Transculturations: How can we critically examine and celebrate our intersecting identities?
HomoHop: Queer Masculinities in Hip Hop Culture
Transnational Families: Immigration Activism
Whiteness, Power, and Privilege
NC LGBT People of Color
Living with Disability

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