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Gender Project Photographer

Hello, everyone.

My name is Jordan. I am a senior Journalism major, Dramatic Arts minor. This year I have the great fortune of being photographer for The Gender Project. Last year I watched our campus engage in an amazing yearlong discussion about capital punishment. This year I expect nothing but great things from the Gender Project and, from what I’ve seen so far, our campus is not going to disappoint. Last week I documented groups of first year students talking about our summer reading, Covering: A Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights, one of which included Kenji Yoshino, the author. I also attended a lecture and Q&A session with Yoshino in Memorial Hall. All I have to say is that, if this is the standard of intellect and enthusiasm to which I can hold our students and faculty, then I can’t wait to see where this discussion takes us this year. Everyone had an opinion to share and everyone was ready to hear it. People were disagreeing, agreeing, discussing, thinking and learning with each other. That, my friends, is what this is all about and I can’t wait to document and share the story of the Gender Project.


Kenji Yoshino in Memorial Hall

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