kip fullbeck: part asian, 100% hapa

Carolina Creative Campus has partnered with the Center for Global Initiatives to create a VoiceThread (to be posted soon) that further examines the exhibition “kip fullbeck: part asian, 100% hapa.” The exhibition, currently displayed at the FedEx Center for Global Education, is an exploration of racial ambiguity. Artist Kip Fullbeck has created a collection of portraits representing the “hapa” population, or those whose mixed-race heritage includes Asian or Pacific Rim ancestry. Fullbeck asks both his subjects and audience to consider the question, “What are you?”

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I was asked to consider the question “what are you?” in the production of a community film, which was created by the Center for Global Initiatives in order to personalize the installation. Community members were asked to consider the diverse layers of racial identity, and many looked beyond labels. The question is simple, yes, but the answer is far more complex. I chose to explain that I am Irish, German and Italian, but the true definition is by calling myself a Hanehan. I am product of my mother’s curly hair, my father’s dark eyes and my grandmother’s pale skin.

Physical characteristics in particular are attributed to ethnic ties, but what about personality and lifestyle? I wonder, what traits exist uniquely in my family, and where did they come from? I am far removed from the first American generation on both sides of my family, but I’ve always considered what attributes they carried with them. I had the opportunity to study abroad last semester, and spent four months in Ireland. There I noticed traits typical of my father, my aunt and my cousins, yet none of us have lived outside of the United States. The movement of my people, of my family, has shaped who I am today.

I encourage you to consider the question “What are you?” and to visit Kip Fullbeck’s exhibition in the Global Ed Center. To further engage view the community film, and interact with our VoiceThread.

For information regarding the exhibition “kip fullbeck: part asian, 100% hapa” and the activities surronding the project visit UNC Global.

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